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Data exploration and time series analysis of Apple Watch sleep data.

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care….
Chief nourisher in life’s feast…
William Shakespeare

Our need to sleep has deep roots, with scientists estimating that an early form of sleep evolved nearly 700 million years ago [i]. The theory is that natural selection, which is the driving force of evolution, favoured those of our ancient ocean dwelling ancestors that took advantage of the setting and rising sun. These light sensitive organisms retreated to the refuge of the dark depths by day, where they were safe from predators, while at dusk they rose to the surface to feed in…


Advances in the life sciences have brought about a transformative impact on healthcare, with life span and quality of life dramatically improving world-wide. Improvements in manufacturing now mean that the pharmaceutical sector has the capacity to produce vast quantities of effective drugs. However, this capacity brings about the task of distilling the vast amounts of data relating to pharmaceutical products into an accurate and understandable form, so that patients can use treatments effectively. Even common over the counter medicines such as paracetamol (a.k.a. …

Paul Walsh

I am a curiosity driven machine learning and analytics professional with a passion for bringing insight to real world problems.

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